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Your WordPress Website Is Not Secure.

Most WordPress sites have “admin” as the user name for log-ins.

Unless your site is locked down, it is easy for hackers to add viruses, malware, or steal your customer information and content.  “admin” is the default user name that the WordPress installer assigns. The hacker is halfway there with your user name. Unless you have a complex password and limit the number of log-in attempts, your password can be found through brute force password detecting software.

Steps to Secure Your WordPress Website (the navigation button) will get you to a variety of ways to do just that. Three steps don’t involve getting into your file manager in CPanel, and they go a long way to blocking hackers. A few plug-ins do more for security and testing.

My suggestions for file changes in Cpanel  involve deleting three files that are easily found, and adding simple text to two files. I haven’t done file moving myself, because it lends itself to breaking the site.

There’s a great backup plug-in to use. Backup your entire site immediately, if you already have a good deal of content. This site went down a few times in my experimenting with other people’s suggestions. I am confident that my step-by-step methods are easy to follow, and go the distance to secure your site. Best of all…everything is free.

I welcome your comments, emails, and calls.


1.  Add a new user, complex name, assign admin privileges, add a few characters to original user name’s email, use original email for new user.

2.  Change password to something complex.

3.  Install HC Custom WP-Admin URL plug-in. Change usual /wp-admin or /log-in.php to something different, like $%rrtgb.

4.  Log out, log in on$%rrtgb with new user name and password. Delete old user.
Yes to assign posts, etc. to new user.

5. Install the backup plug-in UpdraftPlus. Backup the entire site.

Your WordPress website is now much more secure than it was 15 minutes ago.
Click “Steps To Secure Your WordPress Website” navigation button for more lockdown suggestions.

I was reselling a WordPress security course with a plug-in for $17 through this site, but created a better course on my own that utilizes popular, free, and supported plug-ins. You will find this site informative and valuable.

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Art Derfall

Viruses and Malware
Viruses and malware can be added to your WordPress website
user name admin found
User name admin found in 3 tries on random WordPress sites.









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